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“Baseball camp was great this summer. I got to practice, improve my skills, and make some new friends. Thank you very much” – Merritt 

“Many, many, thanks for the wonderful baseball program you have put together. I was very nervous because my son had never been away for a long period of time and not that far without knowing someone. Your opening talk eased my mind and the end ceremony. I couldn’t have given him a better opportunity to learn and grow as a young man…He was very excited and full of energy on the ride home and kept telling us about everything he learned” – Trish 

“This wasn’t just a baseball camp to me, but also a life lesson camp. I learned a lot of life lessons and baseball skills that could help later on in life. I will use all the advice and lessons you taught me. This camp has not only made me a better ball player, but a better person…” – Dustin 

“We paid for baseball instruction, but what you gave was a whole lot more. The Three A’s and other lessons really hit home for our boys. So many times those lectures need to come from sources outside the home. We lecture them about it day after day, and try to be good examples to our boys, but when they hear it from someone like you, it certainly has a bigger impact. THANK YOU for your energy and efforts.” – Connie

The Clemson baseball camp changed my life - seriously! It gave me such a respect from the game and was taught by my personal baseball hero, Coach Leggett. He taught me more in one week than I had known in the past ten years of playing. They worked my butt off, but it was worth it, and they actually care if you're learning. This past summer I stayed about an hour and a half each night after the session of camp was over being taught by Coach Leggett and a former player, Nick Glaser. They all care a lot about how you do. I cannot give it a higher recommendation!!! -- Anonymous

"Byron really enjoyed himself and felt he'd truly learned a lot from camp. He's worked very hard over the last few years and we have seen him grow into a fine young man." -- Susan

"Sam and I just returned home to Charlottesville, VA fresh off your baseball camp. All I can say is THANK YOU! He had the time of his life. We are very much looking forward to your camp becoming a planned event for the next five years. We will also be talking it up in an effort to bring a few more buddies. Thanks again for a great week for my son and your inspirational words that he in the past had only heard from me. Even though I feel as though I have his respect, your words, which mirror mine, really hit home." -- Bill

"Jaken had an awesome tournament and had a changed attitude towards teamwork! I've never seen him enjoy bunting until now. I believe he has confidence in himself now." -- Terry

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience. Jared was so excited going home he could not quit talking about all he had learned. Jared has been to another camp before but I believe your camp has provided the best overall experience. Again, we would like to thank you and your staff for a fun-filled, hard-working week." -- Steve and Karon

"Thank you very much for having my son, Anthony, at your baseball camp this past week. He had a great experience, and learned a great deal from your coaches. He was delighted to have received the Coach's Hustle Award. He is very proud of this. We look forward to seeing you in the December camp at Clemson. Again, thank you for the great job you do for these children." -- Michael B.

"Logan has been attending the camp since he was 6 years old. He learns more and more every year about baseball and becoming a better person and athlete. I think it is great for kids/players to attend Jack Leggett's Baseball Camp to learn better baseball and people skills." -- Michael T.

"I appreciate the time and effort you and all the other coaches provided. This was by far the best thing that has ever happened for me in baseball. I will be playing this week in my county's All-Star series. The techniques and drills I learned last week have already begun to pay off...In your final speech, you talked about getting focused on what was required to make baseball a career. On the way home, I thought about the points you made as I considered my own priorities. This fall I will be a junior and an honor student in my classes. I know I have to keep up my grades to be a respected athlete on and off the field." -- Ben



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