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The Clemson Baseball Camp is for the young player who sincerely wishes to learn and improve. It does not matter what his ability or level of knowledge is when he comes. He will be given every opportunity, under close supervision, to practice up to eight hours per day. Long free time periods, swimming sessions or watching other games are not considered worthwhile. The large amount of expected activity dictates that the camper report in good physical condition.

The camp is known throughout the country to be one of the very top fundamental baseball camps offered. Through the efforts of many knowledgeable and enthusiastic baseball men, the Clemson camp has become known as one where baseball is learned and enjoyed. Four year college coaches, assistants, Junior college and high school coaches blend their instructional abilities and perceptions with help from college players in the program designed to give strong attention to every camper. Advertisement of the Clemson camp comes from the testimonials of numerous young men who have vastly improved their skills at the camp. The number of youngsters returning for second, third and even more years is remarkably high.


Summer Baseball Camp.....P.O. Box 283
Clemson, SC 29633 ......864-882-3858....864-888-1819 fax

Fall Baseball Camp....P.O. Box 283
Clemson, SC 29633......864-656-1691.......864-656-7324 fax