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1 . Are all camp sessions still available?

Yes, all camp sessions are still available. When a camp becomes full, it will be reflected on the Dates and Cost page. The status for that camp would then read Unavailable.

2 . Is the non-refundable $100 deposit really non-refundable?
Yes. Because we hire staff based on the incoming number of applications, we have to be consistent in making the deposits non-refundable. Also, to stay in line with NCAA rules, we must be consistent in having you understand that the deposit is non-refundable. Regardless of making All-Star teams, family circumstances, injury or sickness, it is important that you understand our policy.

If necessary, you can switch summer week sessions and we can accomodate that wish and move the deposit to another week in the summer. The deposit cannot carry over from the summer to the fall camp or to the next summer. Again, NCAA rules and the fact that they are separate camps make it impossible.

3 . Can you use a high school physical to replace a camp physical?
Yes, but you must still fill out the camp physical with your insurance information and contact numbers on it. You must also sign the liability waiver on the back of our physical sheet. Bring it all when you come to camp to register.

4. What are some local lodging options in Clemson for families to stay?
Comfort Inn - 864.653.3600
Ramada Inn - 864.654.7501
Sleep Inn - 864.653.6000
Hampton Inn - 864.653.7744
Courtyard Marriott- 864-654-8833

5. Can 3 kids share a dorm room?
No. The dorm rooms are set up with 2 beds and a third person could be assigned a room nearby if requested early enough.

6. Does my son need to bring a water jug?
No. Cups are provided but they are encouraged to bring a squeeze bottle for more frequent hydration.

7. Do you accept credit cards?
No. Money orders or cashiers checks are preferred although personal checks and cash are acceptable as well.

8. Can my son move up to an older group if his abilities show that he is ready for it?
Yes. Each kid will be evaluated on Sunday afternoon and we will try to place them at the appropriate challenge level. Your son must speak up if he has an interest in moving up to an older group.

9. Do you work with my son on specific positions or just scrimmage?
A typical day consists of specific defensive work in areas of infielders, catchers, outfielders and pitchers. There are many swings for the hitters as well as instruction on the offensive side. Games are also played each day as well as a team practice emphasizing a defensive or offensive phase. Examples include cut-offs/relays, rundowns, fly ball priorities, baserunning, bunting, team alignment, bunt situations, etc.

10. What does my son need to bring to camp?
Please see our page on What To Bring

11. What if I have a question that has not been answered by this section?
Please send all questions or comments via e-mail to info@

12. What is a typical daily schedule?

7:00 AM Campers wake up and go to breakfast
8:15 Stadium
8:30 Meet w/Coach Leggett for lecture (throwing & catching, bunting, team defense)
9:00 Defensive breakdown by position
11:45 Lunch
2:00 - 4:00 Hitting or Game Practice Rotation or Games
4:00 - 5:30 Dinner
5:30 - 8:30 Hitting or Game Practice Rotation or Games
  • Game Room open Monday-Wednesday unless orientation already has a previous engagement booked
  • Afternoon times are subect to change based upon scheduling
  • Pizza will be available for purchase at the dorms after the evening session
10:00 Lights Out/Room Check

Weekly Schedule

Monday/Sliding - 11:00 pm the back turf field.
Players must wear baseball pants to slide in; however, they do not have to wear pants during the morning sessions for defensive breakdown.

Games for 12-13 year old groups will be on intramural fields or on the football practice field. These games will take place in the evenings from 6:00-8:30.

Games for 14-18 year old groups will be either in the afternoon or the evening hours.


Summer Baseball Camp.....P.O. Box 283
Clemson, SC 29633 ......864-882-3858....864-888-1819 fax

Fall Baseball Camp....P.O. Box 283
Clemson, SC 29633......864-656-1691.......864-656-7324 fax